Air-cooled Chillers

Perfect cooling solution for plastic related manufacturing, semiconductor, and various application.

  • Temp. Range: 5 - 40°C (Indoor)
  • Humidity Range: 40 - 80%
  • Cooling Capacity: 1.4 - 209 KW

  • Semiconductor and electron Instruments, ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
  • Plastic hollow molding/plastics runner film roller cooling.
  • Plastic injection and punching molding cooling.
  • All kinds of microprocessor control machine tools, grinders, machine centers and combined lathe of the principal axis lubrication and hydraulic system cooling.
  • Laser cutting & marking machine.
  • All kinds of machine process liquid cooling.

  • Advanced temperature controller ensures the precision of the manufacturing process liquid temperature (accuracy ± 0.5°C)
  • Adopting European brand of compressor. Low noise, high E.E.R
  • Easy maintenance and installation. No need for extra cooling water tower
  • Stainless steel plank type heat exchanger. Significantly improving the cooling efficiency with 20% of energy saving
  • Dual-temperature system available as option
  • Open-type stainless steel water tank, easy to clean and maintain
  • Water supply by manual or automatic mode
  • Shockproof enhanced design